News has emerged Microsoft Taiwan has entered into a three-party alliance involving Hot Cool and Digital China to collectively work towards using blockchain technology for advances in varied sectors, including e-commerce, finance, e-commerce and entertainment. This initiative was launched at a conference on June 28 at the Le Méridien Hotel in Taipei City.


Details regarding the specifics of this partnership are yet to be made public. It will be recalled that in June this year Microsoft announced a partnership with Ernst and Young to work towards the creation and deployment of a blockchain content rights platform.


Interestingly, only a few months back, Bill Gates laid blame ‘squarely on the shoulders’ of Bitcoin for supposedly causing a couple of “deaths” along the way. Blockchain, the technology behind Bitcoin appears to be where Microsoft`s interests lie.


During the event, the general manager of Microsoft Taiwan Sun Jikang, expressed his personal belief that the computing speed and security of Digital China`s digital blockchain services can be improved with Microsoft Azure, a cloud computing service offered by Microsoft. Microsoft Azure affords users the opportunity to ‘build, test, deploy, and manage applications and services using the firm’s global network of data centers.’


Jikang stated, according to a rough translation: “Taiwan has first-class engineering and technical talents, and their innovative thinking cannot be underestimated. At the same time, it carries a solid manufacturing and R&D foundation, plus Excellent geographical location, with the superior conditions for the development of blockchain application, I believe that Microsoft’s tooling in the strategic layout of the blockchain, and citing the global partner resources, is bound to be the vision of the industrial application of the blockchain.”


Hot Cools

One of the active participants in the conference was the general manager of Hot Cool Wu Jiefu. Hot Cools is a cloud management service provider (MSP), acting as a technical intermediary for corporate and public cloud providers. Much of the company`s efforts are exerted towards helping users access computing services as easily as water or electricity. Jiefu is of the conviction that a blueprint has been born with Digital China’s blockchain technology, Microsoft Azure’s cloud services, and Hot Cool’s MSP. He believes that this partnership is the best model for future blockchain technology solutions.


Digital China

Records show that Digital China, though foundered by Sun Yutao nicknamed the “creator of the Goldman Sachs in the blockchain domain”, traces its beginnings to the Legend Group, the company that later became Lenovo in 2001. Yutao has actively researched blockchain since 2014. He holds the view that blockchain can truly thrive only if it is combined with the Internet of Things (IoT), biometrics and artificial intelligence. With this partnership underway, Yutao considers it a golden opportunity for growth in the Taiwanese blockchain business market.


Hu Day, the executive director of Kyber Capital, a Taiwanese blockchain venture capital firm contends that the blockchain revolution needs to commence with the financial services. He has set his sights on creating a sustainable business value, addressing the return to investors, and solving practical problems as a matter of priority. He would focus on the creation of a new internet only when the aforementioned solutions have been provided.

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