Freedom of the Press Foundation (FPF), a nonprofit organization founded in 2012 to work towards supporting and protecting the exercise of free speech within the media space has reportedly began to open its doors to persons willing to make donations in cryptocurrency. In a recently released statement, FPF noted: “We are excited to launch a cryptocurrency donation page for @FreedomofPress, where we can now accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Zcash to support press freedom.”


Donations will be used to advance SecureDrop, a whistleblower platform that makes it possible and much easier for media practitioners to receive messages and documents from sources without having to divulge their identities.


FPF is involved in several other projects presently including the US Press Freedom Tracker, an online platform specifically designed to count and document violations of press freedom that may occur from time to time in the US. For those who know about Signal, the encrypted phone call and text message app, it might interest you to know that FPF is the financial sponsor of this innovative app.


The donation page of the San Francisco, California-based free speech organization`s website explains: “Your support enables us to protect journalists and whistleblowers worldwide, and will help further projects like SecureDrop, the US Press Freedom Tracker, and the archival of threatened news outlets.”


Reports suggest that the company noted for campaigning through whistleblower projects began accepting donations in Bitcoin and four altcoins only a few days back – June 18. This new move seems to have been well received.


Mainframe, a decentralized message routing network donated $542,000 worth of ETH (1000 ETH) to FPF on the very first day the organisation announced it will be accepting donations in  cryptocurrency. Mainframe has since released a blog post explaining the rationale behind its generous and swift response to FPF new policy. The network noted: “Public advocacy becomes that much more powerful when coupled with innovation and better choices. Both organizations plan to work towards the mutually beneficial goal of tipping the scales in favor of the fight for freedom of information.”


In response to Mainframe`s kind gesture, FPF posted on its website: “We are deeply grateful Mainframe has made this critical donation to help Freedom of the Press Foundation protect journalists and whistleblowers, and are excited Mainframe, through their technology, shares our commitment to protecting privacy and freedom online.”


This is not the first time FPF has received donations in crytocurrency. Reports suggest that as early as 2013, the organization had been receiving bitcoin donations through its now defunct partnership with Stripe, an online payments processor. Bitcoin donations had to be halted when Stripe ended its Bitcoin support. To cure this challenge this time round, FPF is receiving cryptocurrency donations directly from digital wallets.


It appears cryptocurrency is becoming more and more widely used in making payments for a wide variety of products and services; digital currencies are gaining wider acceptability and many more user cases. It is gradually becoming common to see payments being made in digital currencies for products and services such as space travels, vehicles, college and university tuition fees among others.


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Image from Mainframe.

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