cryptocurrency use cases are growing by the day and could potentially grow much further and wider in the coming weeks and months. Some products that hitherto could not be purchased with digital currencies are gradually opening up across the globe. A recent addition to these use cases is what has been termed a “bitcoin-powered coffee machine” created by Ricardo Reis, a notable Brazilian entrepreneur.

A video that was created to demonstrate how the machine works was originally shared with a BTC-focused group on Facebook and soon attained the status of a viral video as it has enjoyed wide circulation and viewership via social media platforms. The video shows how the coffee machine is activated upon receiving a specified amount via a wallet connected to the machine.

The coffee machine was manufactured with a QR code that makes it possible for payments to be made for coffee. Once payment is made, an internet-connected device activates the engine of the machine and it is when this happens that coffee can be received from the machine, Reis explained in a blog post.

During a recent engagement with a Brazilian news outlet, Portal do Bitcoin, Reis admitted to being a bitcoin investor since 2016 even though he isn`t professionally into cryptocurrency dealership. He also stated that one of his motivations for his new creation was simply the desire to learn more about bitcoin and its potentially wide and varied uses.

In a quote translated and attributed to Reis, he stated: “I developed a device that powers the coffee machine with Bitcoin transactions to study and have fun. Dealing with technology, for me, besides work, is a hobby. My intention was not to create something to explore commercially, I wanted to simply explore the technology’s capability and show other people how BTC is ‘programmable money’.”

According to Reis, he used a Raspberry Pi processor and employed PHP in coding the machine. He also noted that he has plans in the not too distant future to use bitcoin`s Lightning Network. However, even before such an impressive plan is rolled out, the Brazilian entrepreneur has a website which allows for payments to be made for mock coffee and other products. This initiative, according to Reis is to test bitcoin`s Lightning Network.


First ever cryptocurrency e-bike

The world of digital currencies is fast evolving. A June 12 local news report disclosed that the first ever e-bike with the capacity to generate cryptocurrency will soon be delivered by a UK cycling merchant. While interacting with Cycling Industry news, CEO of  50cylces, Scott Snaith noted: “This is not only the first electric bike of its kind, but it will also be the first product ever to be tokenized and which issues reward for use.” The company he heads is London-based.

It currently plans to commence an operation that entails offering its Toba range of vehicles latest by August, to be made possible to partnership with “customer loyalty-oriented” token, LoyalCoin. LoyalCoin will be generated by simply using the e-bike. The LoyalCoin will be comparable to the exact value of £20 ($26.50) per thousand miles (1609 kilometers). Available records show a rising trend favorable to Blockchain-based loyalty schemes in 2018.


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